The co-blog was imported from Blogger

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This blog was used as an experiment to see how well blog posts imported from another blog account at blogspot – This means you could re-work an old blog in WordPress. Which is good, also for comparison of features.


Imported our Blogger co-blog right in here

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As an experiment I tried the Import feature here in WordPress and found out I could import Blogger blogs right from my so-called Dashboard,just type username and password  -press teh button Import  and there,right in front of my eyes I could see how this happened, after a minute or two I was able to open the blog  with excitement, And  there they were –  all our 12 messages in the blog, with comments, but without images. This does have potential for someone who wish to move from one blog host and tool, to another.

I wonder if it works the other way round so that a WordPress blog would be imported by Blogger?  If so, this could  serve as a two way mirror blog!

The Vagaries of Photo Placement

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I decided that it would be good pedagogy for me to create a new blog and run through the experiences the other participants are experiencing….and I have learned a lot! Adding numerous pictures is like throwing them up in the air to let the vagaries of chance and wind and other cyber conditions decide how they land. I found I could resize the photos easily, and I could move them a bit, but what I saw in the editing box and the way the turned out in the published blog were not the same at all. I don’t think I had ever tried to put 6 photos in one post before.

I called my blog “Sortez du cadre” which means literally to leave the frame, or more aptly, to think outside of the box. I hope our collaborative blogging will take us places we never knew we were going.

French Podcasting listening lessons

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This French education podcast radio station offers many good ways to listen, read text and learn

Jumping the gun

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Well there’s nothing like overconfidence and optimism! Flushed with the success of creating my first blog, I presented ideas to a major automotive company today for training engineers in English communication skills integrating the use of blogs into a series of workshops. At the moment this is intended to give easy access to online resources (glossaries, articles etc.) and encourage communication between the participants and with the trainer, but once we get started I’m sure we will do a lot more. I am looking forward to James Farmer’s presentation tonight.

Volzhsky in Russia

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Anna has written about her beautiful city, Volzhsky, that was built near the Volgograd Power station for its construction workers back in 1954. Last year it was called the most comfortable city in Russia among those with the population of 300 thousand, and it is also a city of education with many universities and colleges.

Anna’s first blog: Volzhsky

Blog around the world

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So many new co-bloggers in our workshop have posted links to their new blog today – each of them showing a different location. They’re posting a local description of where they live, with photos. As our workshop has more than 150 participants from more about 50 countries all over the world, it is a truly international event.

Web 2.0. and the future education

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what a great online course Sus and Jane and Web 2.0. technologies are making possible. For more on Web 2.0. and some ideas of future education, click here.

All the best
/Carl Eneroth at t42 Distance Education

Blog used for a professional portfolio – Ruth Vilmi did this one

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Ruth Vilmi has created the most perfect portfolio CV in a blog for a coming conference that she is preparing. She writes this message to our workshop:

I like this site because the blogs are very simple to make there; the
templates are quite beautiful too and easy to design.

I find it is awesome. An interesting usage of the blogformat, because it is easy to add and update content

Need to find help for tools – check the BAW list

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In the EVO session Becoming a Webhead, or just BAW, Teresa d’Eca maintains a long list of very helpful tips for tools; I’m going to add it to my collection index of tagged bookmarks for our co-blog workshop – the tag is EVOblog06


Any connection between blogging and school planning?

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Christian Long, UK has a very thought provoking and wellwritten blog with long reflective articles on edublogging. In todays’ post he writes about the unexplored territory of trying to tie together the world of ‘school planning and design’ with the explosion of blogging.

I’ll just quote one sentence here and hope to get help from others reading this article and commenting or blogging about this viewpoint – this is really food for thought.

Which tool and host for our global EVO co- blog?

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For the EVO co-blogging 06 workshop we have been considering different blog host solutions. In our virtual laboratory we started blogs wildly all over the web to see which one we liked better.

We want one that is well documented, reliable and easy to work wit -and that we as co-moderators also feel comfortable with so that we can build a scaffold for our participants. After long considerations pro & con, we have landed on good old mainstream safe, and easy blogger.

This was what we used as participants in last years EVO blog workshop which also makes it easier for us to recycle some of the material. And it has an impressive blog roll of past course participants. Also you will see that it is still active with messages now and then.

We hope to get our group started soon to create their own blogs at blogspot, and we can link to then as well as send out invitations to join our co-blog, alias this one.

Of course we do not mean to disencourage those who wish to fiddle with an alternative, as far as they’ll promise to share their hands on experience. We can all learn from what others are doing.

How can we think audio into blogging?

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As an example I wish to see if I can link to a voice message that was posted by Wendy in her blog when I wanted to convince her that she could do this easily. Her message is so beautiful! First of all, here’s Wendy’s blog on that day

This is her message:

Get yourself mapped!

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Check out our Frappr!
This is a direct click button for our Frappr map – you can get the code string and add it where you want.

Getting on the map – using Frappr

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The workshop has an interactive world map where you can locate members and see their faces. This kind of mapping by location has become quite propular in gloablly distributed communities.This is how our map looks like, as of today with 38 participants. Did you put up your pin yet?

Collaboration across bloggers

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next step will be to find out how we’re developing our collaboration pattern

Using images

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Wing from archaeopteryx

It was incredibly simple to upload a picture from my own collection. Apparently the WordPress prefers letting use delicate little pictures – the one that I uploaded was larger, but for now that’s perfect. In somecases,details may be hard to see in a small format.
When done, the image folder is right below the message editor,  and I can just drag and drop it where I want to see it – moving around until I was happy with the placement.

It was so easy I need to do it again:-)

Preparing our workshop

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Workshop moderator's collage

Let’s have a look at how we can use WordPress for our workshop  on collaborative blogging practices.
At a first glance this looks very intuitive.

Welcome to the Electronic Village Online Collaborative Blog

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Electronic Village online: Collaborative blogging in ESL /EFL

Together with Jane Petring, Montreal and Anna Koorey, Sydney I am co-moderating the Collaborative Blogging in EFL/ESL session.
We wish to encourage participants to explore possible uses, and to create their own blogs as a collaborative project for the peer exchange of ideas and knowledge. We plan to promote elgg as one such useful blog environment.

We’re having virtual guest experts in weekly synchronous sessions such as James Farmer, Bee Dieu, Salvór Gissurardottir and Steve o’Hear – dates are not yet finally negociated, but we will probably be using Elluminate in Learning Times for our live meetings

We already have about fifty registered participants, and there’s still room for more – because of the tradition for having peer webheads already somewhat experienced with us, we consider this an opportunity for knowledge sharing and experimentation, not “Teaching”!
Please register before January 16 when we begin – the session is for six weeks?

PS Did I mention these sessions are free, and we work as volunteers!

PS PS the Electronic Village online also offers ten more highly relevant course/workshop sessions, and I think that we’re all Webheads co-moderators!

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